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Exclusive Start | MiR Robot Guide
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When it comes to robots, who do you think of first?
BB-8 Robot in Star Wars?
Or a cute Wally robot?

With the development of science and technology, robots have not only existed in movies, but also become good assistants in human work.
No, the MiR robot from Denmark has traveled thousands of miles to China. Come and listen to its self-introduction.

Name: MiR Robot

Full name: Mobile Industrial Robots
Characteristic: Developed limbs, intelligent mind
Hobbies: Helping Humans, Liberating Manpower
Imagine if such an assistant would make your job much easier when you are faced with the huge demand for cargo transportation in the warehouse?

Behind the lovely and smart MiR robot, is a young and rapidly developing team of cooperative robot research and development.
Mobile Industrial Robots, from Denmark, is a leading manufacturer of collaborative mobile robots. It is dedicated to developing easy-to-operate, flexible and safe robots to automate internal transportation to help major companies improve operational efficiency. Since the launch of the first advanced mobile robot in May 2013, it has been adopted by a large number of manufacturers in the industrial and health care industries.

Two major products, MiR100? And MiR200? Perfectly respond to the clear demand in the market and promote the growth of potential applications.


Briefly speaking, their greatest advantages: infinite power, MiR200? Can lift 200 kg load, pull 500 kg load, is a sharp tool to solve the logistics transportation problems.


With them, warehousing staff can get rid of the pressure of transportation, concentrate on more valuable work, and truly realize the responsibility of man and machine.

The Future in Motion is MiR's vision and pursuit. What is the future of mobile? Will the future of human-machine collaboration be better? Start an exploratory journey with MiR!

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