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Go ahead bravely, intend to be on the road
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There are clouds in ancient poems: "Autumn scenery leads to leisurely walk, Mountain travel is tireless"Feeling with Italy
Shuicun Mountain Profile, Yaoqu Deep Hui, Ancient House Heterogeneous Bird House
The sky is like a vault, enclosing all the fields.
Full of the first heart, embark on the journey to find a dream!

        Since its establishment, China-Italy Linkage Science and Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. has been exploring and advancing on the road of the development of science and technology automation with a learning attitude and humble attitude.
      On August 11, members of China-Italy Linkage embarked on a journey from Gubeishui Town to Bashang Grassland. Our lives are changing, turning upside down, or darkening. Traveling for a better life is actually exploring life and looking for more and more possibilities. It is not only an exploration of the unknown world, but also a retrospect of the essence of life.
Let's first feel the natural scenery.

Good life comes from every tentacle of life. Therefore, Italy pays close attention to the possibility of everyone's development. Some friends said that Italy is like a banner in the field of automation, daring to explore the latest fresh things, daring to insist that they never give up! Employees said that Zhongyi is the most upward and brave enterprise I have ever seen. Sometimes it is like the sea, inclusive of all people, sometimes like the wind guiding us forward, more like a rock climbing, with the original intention, and strive to move forward.

Belonging to the Orient
Li Bingyu, the founder of CILINKS, is a typical oriental woman, gentle, charming and generous. Her friends say that she is like an alien, resolute and like to think firmly; her employees say that she is the most complete, meticulous and loving person they have ever met, sometimes like a wise person, sometimes like a poet, but all the time she is a person with love in her eyes and heat in her heart.

CILINKS Travel Date
Encouraging the sharing of ideas, ideas, experiences, and everyone's feelings has always been CILINKS's internal philosophy. Since 2015, CILINKS has been committed to building a team of innovative thinking and action, and has many elite and senior engineers to share scientific research results and technical experience with you in CILINKS. CILINKS is not only an enterprise but also a platform, an opportunity for enterprises to communicate, exchange industry information, and the best way to solve problems for more users.。

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